Here are a selection of  poems, I will continue to expand this section with more poetry, so check back often to see what is the latest work included.


Here you will find Little John of Hathersage, Derbyshire. Robin Hood's lieutenant and



A story that is close to everyone's heart.






Once when I a boy in wonder had stood,

Under the greatness of its spreading boughs;

Rejoiced in the richness of the greenwood,

That's never heard the thunder of the plough;

Within its bold heart I paused to ponder,

About all the centuries that had passed;

Of Robin Hood the peoples defender,

Whose skill with the longbow no one surpassed.

Here Little John of Hathersage had stood,

Under the broad leafed maple and the oak;

With all the merry men of the greenwood,

Truly England's great sons with hearts of oak;

A treasured moment, a sweet memory,

Of when I stood in Sherwood's famous tree.



Peter Morriss


The Major Oak Sherwood Forest

Little John's grave at Hathersage, Derbyshire.






Oh! Hathersage nestling close to

gilded hills,

How silent lie your peaks in the

morning still.

You cannot fail the depths of man's

soul to inspire,

Oh! splendid jewel of Derbyshire.


For to your heart you cradle one

of England's beloved sons,

A worthy lieutenant and friend

from the greenwood returned his

duty done;

Now at rest from all Earthly toil,

Lying at peace on this sacred soil;

Truly a part of this pleasant land-

That is forever Robin Hood's England.


Peter Morriss




St Michael's Church





Where Little John

is buried.



A long bow reputed

to be that of Little

John once hung in

the church.Sadly

it went missing...


Revolution House

Old Whittigton

Old Whittington


Where the author was born.

In the spring of 1688 three noblemen on horseback met at Whittington Moor to discuss about the revolution.

But due to a heavy shower of rain they were forced to take shelter at the village inn.

This was the old inn known as the Cock & Pynot, then a wayside alehouse on the old Chesterfield to Sheffield road.


Earl of Devonshire, Earl of Danby and John D'Arcy planned to take the north, and then

march south against King James II

They sent a letter inviting William of Orange to assume the Crown of England.


The rest as it is said is history.

Famous people of Old Whittington


Harry Brearley (Inventor of Stainless Steel)


Joe and Fred Davis  (World Professional Snooker Players)

With pen and ink

my rhymes I splatter!


Pray fogive my literary



That would my scribble

leave in tatters!


                   Peter Morriss








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