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Dream Ticket


On 21 July 2000 the Telegraph reported that the Home Secretary Jack Straw on his way to a meeting, was in the back of a armoured Jaguar clocked doing 103mph on the M5. 




 The Home Office also confirmed the incident.


Around this time most people were coming to terms with the financial cost to the taxpayer of the Dome...

Dream Ticket also relates to the fiasco in relation to the Dome's cost...




(Or an Injustice of a Kind)


Last night I had a dream I was heading down

the M1 doing 103,

In an old beat up Lada Samara 1.3.

And then I dreamt Two Jags Prescott overtook me

on the hard shoulder in a plastic pig,

And I thought to myself something must be

happening it must be something big;

When Cobalt Blue in my rear view mirror

suddenly appeared,

And it was to the hard shoulder I then found

myself steered.


Do you know what speed you were doing?

Asked the man in blue,

His face an official, unmoving tinted mask

of grey granite hue;

Can I have your name sir?

Asked the officer of the law,

And quick as a flash the answer given back

was Straw!

And as I was waved on my way, without

glancing back,

I heard the officer in blue say-

See you Jack!


And then I dreamt the news on my car radio

came over load and clear,

And it was the voice of the Prime Minister

I could hear.

He was confessing to the diamond heist

at the Dome,

And the he had masterminded the plan

alone at home.

His idea was to use the gems insurance to

pay off the Dome’s debt,

And the vehicle he used for the heist was

a Royal Naval Corvette.

But when things went wrong he got into

a bit of a sweat,

For his getaway the Royal Airforce would

not let him have use of the Queen’s Flight Jet.

And then from my dream I awoke to find

sitting there in my letter rack,

A cancelled speeding fine ticket with a

card signed..


With best wishes...From Jack...


Peter Morriss 2000




Cobalt Blue....Police.

Plastic Pig......Robin Reliant three wheeler car.

Corvette........Small escort ship


Dream Ticket was among a selection of poetry sent to our First Lady

HM Queen Elizabeth II.


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Trump-Toon is a poem that was written about the golf course in Aberdeen developed by Donald Trump.





Cou(Con)ncillors Clot, Clot, Twerpy McBirk, 

Dopey, Soapy and Twit!

Are changing the name of Aberdeen to


What is the reason? you may ask,

Well surely this must be it-

They’re changing the name of Aberdeen

because the Council’s strapped for cash,

They’re hoping this will solve some of the

problem that is related to feelings

of financial fash;*

So Cou(Con)ncillors Clot, Clot, Twerpy McBirk,

Dopey, Soapy and Twit!

Have changed the name of Aberdeen to


They think the answer to all their problems,

this surely must be it!


Peter Morriss




* With sincere apologies to all the residents of Trumpton and

our good friends-

Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert,Dibble and Grubb!


* Fash- Scots dialect - to worry and vex oneself with importunity.