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 As a writer, of course, the author knows how tough criticism and rejection can be. Over the years he has received his fair share of rejection slips. These days it is even harder for authors to be published. And with so many of the small presses going to the wall, it makes it even harder for the poet and writer to find a publisher.

The small presses were the bread and butter for the budding writer, and allowed him or her to get a foothold onto the publishing ladder.



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Painting The Town Red


'Painting The Town Red' is an epic poem that was first published by Poetic Hours in

2002. The poem tells the story of a prank in Melton Mowbray in the early hours of Thursday morning 6th April 1837 as crowds gathered for the Croxton Park Races.

The author has written a number of poems about the hunting scene and has captured the feel of what the subject of hunting with hounds is about.

Though he takes no sides with the hunting debate.


Where Angels Cry


Where Angels Cry First published In The Cool Of The Day by United Press 2010

ISBN 978-1-84436-955-3


A true story of what it was like to work within the confines of an institution. 

The Boat 1950


An epic poem that tells the story of three boys and a boat that they built during the school holidays of summer 1950.

The Shed


The author's epic poem 'The Shed'


First published by the 'Daily Mail' 2010


Forward Press 2010.

The author's shed above where his epic poem 'The shed' was inspired from.

A true story.







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Poetry Highways Pitnamoon first published by United Press Ltd 2012