Derbyshire in poems and pictures

Hathersage from Millstone Edge

Millstone Edge




(Creswell Crags)


Long before man's laboured

industrial dawn,

They came to the Crags,

Men of the age of stone;

Who shaped , formed, joined

in harmony with the

Spirit of the flint;

Here they created their sculptured

handmade tools of moil,

Long before the Great Pyramids

scraped their epic skies.


Peter Morriss

Creswell Crags

Creswell Crags on the border with Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.




The Crooked Spire






Derbyshire's famous

market town.

Mam Tor Derbyshire


Also known as


The Shivering Mountain


Mother Mountain


These two pictures taken

by the author in January 1985

during a blizzard.


The weather at its worst

among the high peaks.






On Bleaklow Head,

On Bleaklow Hill,

Snow, winter’s remains defient

clinging still;

On Bleaklow Head, Hern Stones

and Wain Stones,

A cold whetted wind cuts clean

through to the bone.

Kinder Scout shoulder’s an angry


Passing Coldharbour Moor

the Snake ribbons and twists.

Through Doctor’s Gate

the Old Woman stands,

Courting Devil’s Dyke

the Pennine Way chases

open moorland.


Peter Morriss

The wild open moorland

of the Pennine Way.

The kind of landscape

Where the author

receives so much

inspiration for his 

writing from. 

Mam Tor, Millstone Edge, Crooked Spire.


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The images taken on Mam Tor in January 1985 show the old A625 Sheffield to      Chapel-en-le-Frith road closed in 1979 due to damage caused by the land slip.

The slip is still active today moving at 2 metres per year in places. 


The thumbnail images below of Creswell Crags.