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A stumbling mist cradles brooding hills,

gaunt peaks shoulder their tired skies,

Ragged winds scatter fallen remnants of

autumn, under frosts tenacious grip a cold

earth sighs.

To a snow cast landscape the holly’s blood red

beacons burn bright,

Advent candles turn the gloom from darkness

to light.

As a child is born, in a stable, in the still of the night.

Throughout the Mearns tall majestic beeches

parade with naked bough,

‘Tis the harbingers of Christmas that echo

across Kincardineshire now!

Frost borne winds tease Cairn O’ Mount’s

heather lined ridge,

Drumtochty Forest evergreens extol in

silvered foliage;

Fettercairn’s merry burns banter to their

rippled notch,

On Yuletide’s eve sombre pines, sentries of

the slopes keep silent watch.

As a child is born, in a stable, in the still of the night.

As nature scribes winter’s chapter to season’s


Festive lights a’twinkle spread cheer across the

Mearns homely nooks;

On Christmas day, church bells message of joy

ring clear,

Heralding Christmas and a Holy day drawn


As a child is born, in a stable, in the still of the night.


© Peter Morriss



Christmas 2011 at Pitnamoon


Pitnamoon is Pictish- means 'Place of the Moss.'









Photo below


West Mearns Parish Church


Auchenblae Kincardineshire.






To their belonging, frozen wind raked

peaks lie bleak,

Shouting rills curse freezing mists

clinging to boulders lichen welded


Rising contours rage to their snow

threatened summits,

Moorlands unrelenting frozen landscapes

boast no respite.

Harsh landscapes test the hill walkers

endurance to its limits,

The creaking forest sports her naked


Pitnamoon chimneys curl their trails

to cold skies,

Scowling winds scrape Cairn O' Mount's

frozen heights;

To its season winter bares its fangs,

Snow borne clouds menace Kincardineshire



Peter Morriss


    Pitnamoon 2009

Pitnamoon and Winter Hills


A view from the authors garden looking at the fields of spring daffodils and

the flower pickers busy at their day.


April 03.04.2012  saw the fields covered in snow after these photos were taken.



It is hoped to include information photos and poems about the Howe of the Mearns including Items about Robert Burns, his ancestors and Glenbervie. also info about Fettercairn on these pages.


coming soon.