Dedicated to R M Morriss 1938-2008

The two images below are of the author's late Brother Roy M Morriss.

The image on the left was taken in the 1950s just before Roy joined the armed forces.

Roy is on the far right in the photo on the left.


The image on the right shows Roy with a catapult, most boys had one of these

sticking out of their back pocket in those days.


The poem Brothers' was written in Roy's memory and was read at his funeral at

The Parish Church of Saint Mary, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.











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I remember when we were small boys’ and

all of the things that boys’ would do,

I remember the mischief and fun that my brother

and I would often get up to;

I remember a go-cart that we had built that lost control

down a steep hill on our village street,

How the cart crashed through the village shop door

and with the shop’s old wooden counter the

the two’s destiny were about to meet.

I remember how my brother’s face turned slightly pale!

When his head hit the cash register and it rang up no sale!

I remember during school holidays we’d go potato picking

to earn a few bob,

Then down to the local fair to erect a few stalls was another

part time holiday job.

I remember in autumn how playing conkers was all the craze,

And all the things that we did to get them hard would never

fail to amaze!



© Peter Morriss


The poem Brothers' was first published by United Press 2009

in a poetry anthology  Golden Days ISBN 978-1-84436-8327