Nature and wildlife

 The author receives a lot of inspiration for his work from nature and wildlife. Within the pages on this site are to be found some poems that reflect his love for one of his favourite subjects.


Above- beech trees in woodland at Fettercairn.


Below- wild cherry at Pitnamoon




The Cairngorms




Moody and magnificent





I lift my gaze to the mountains

heights whose jagged peaks

embrace their noble skies;

Under a layered mist, hill walkers’

spirits ride the creaking winds.


Vibrant foothills cascade to court

the meandering deer,

Lichen to moorland boulders

grey face lie welded;

Snow capped ridges flaunt their

bitter harshness to the climbers’



An eagle soars.


© Peter Morriss

The Boat Winch Inverbervie


One of the author's favourite subjects is the sea.



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