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Hi, my name is Peter Morriss, I was born in Derbyshire at Old Whittington near Whittington Moor, Chesterfield.  After the second World War I moved to live in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire.

I now live in Scotland, though retired I am still writing.


I am married to to Joan Margaret, and have 1 son, 1 daughter.





The author in the front cockpit of Tiger Moth DF 112 RAF 4th June 2000.

 Duxford, Cambridge.






From common clay my form was moulded,

And like a book the days behind me lie


Now years of toil for me have done their


I often find solace in scribbling a bit of rhyme

and verse.

Then, when home from finding that inner peace

that to me my rambles with nature bring,

And in my favourite chair I find myself thinking,

Of how no longer on the hob the kettle sings,

For now I have to cope with the new technology

of today’s digital things.

No more a coal fire have I to poke,

For heating by gas means no solid fuels to stoke;

And now my teeth are but a feeble few,

It’s a bit of pork crackling that I find hard to chew.


Peter Morriss 


St Leonard's Church






Warmingham, Cheshire

where the author's ancestors




At Warmingham where the

River Wheelock meanders by,

In St Leonard's Churchyard

Two children at peace quietly lie.









The tower dates from 1715, The rest of the church was timber framed, then built of stone 1870.

There is a couplet about the church-


Poor Warmingham, proud people,

New church, old steeple'


In the churchyard is a medieval cross dating from around 1298.

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